Lake Saint Louis, MO

Our understanding of addiction has evolved over the years, and most people now realize that beating addiction isn’t just a matter of willpower. However, unwarranted stigma is still common, and many people, even those facing addiction, don’t fully understand how modern recovery works. Here are a few reasons why spending time at Lancer Recovery, our Lake Saint Louis, Missouri drug rehab center can improve your odds of controlling your addiction.


Starting Off Strong


The habit of addiction is incredibly difficult to break. Withdrawal symptoms create even more difficulty. Alcohol and other substances are known for having severe withdrawal symptoms, and people facing addiction sometimes abuse drugs or alcohol simply to avoid these symptoms. At our Lake Saint Louis, Missouri substance abuse treatment facility, we offer supervision for people facing the early stages of detox, helping ensure a prompt response to any issues that arise.


Rebuilding a Life


The people we spend time with have a major influence on our lives, and people dealing with addiction sometimes surround themselves with others who enable their addiction. While at our addiction recovery facility, you’ll meet with others you’ll keep in touch with throughout your recovery process, giving you a solid support network and foundation. Furthermore, individual therapy will let you work with experts to focus on building healthy habits.


Understanding Your Struggles


Some people facing addiction don’t have any co-occurring mental health disorders, but roughly half of clients struggling with substance abuse are also dealing with a co-occurring disorder. While working through individual and group sessions at our addiction treatment clinic, you’ll seek to uncover other factors that may contribute to your addiction. Although defeating these issues alone likely won’t be sufficient to defeat your addiction, working on them while learning techniques for controlling your addiction will improve your odds of long-term success.


A Chance to Regroup


Not everyone who enters Lancer Recovery, our Lake Saint Louis, Missouri drug rehab clinic, has reached rock bottom, but most find themselves in fairly desperate situations. This can make it difficult to maintain hope, and entering our program can serve as a beacon. Time spent in treatment is primarily focused on handling addiction, but you’ll also have a chance to think about your life and discover what you want to do with it. Time at our addiction recovery center will help you focus on what matters most to you, and we’ll work to lay a path for achieving your goals.


Support and Care


Addiction is difficult for those facing it, but it’s also difficult for those who care about the person dealing with substance abuse. Although rebuilding relationships with family and friends can be challenging, our Lake Saint Louis, Missouri addiction treatment center provides you with support you may not have felt for years. This type of care and compassion can help you find motivation for success and help you build hope for a better future.


Recovery is a long-term battle, but those who put in the effort and receive the care they need have plenty of room for optimism. If you find yourself unable to control your relationship with alcohol or drugs, make sure to reach out.