Sausalito, CA

Lancer Recovery Drug Detox and Rehabilitation Center

If you or a loved one are struggling with the consequences of alcohol or drug abuse, you can choose to either ignore the miseries that go with alcohol misuse or to decisively end your addiction.


What are the consequences of the continued use of drugs?

After many years of taking alcohol and drugs, you may end up with an addiction disorders that requires the assistance of a qualified drug rehab clinic in order to overcome. Your health can get worse as time goes on. Eventually, you may suffer heart problems, cancer infections, or a malfunctioning immune system. It is not unusual for alcoholics to get into trouble with the law for driving while drunk.


Our substance abuse treatment facility is ready to offer help, care, and support to you as you undertake your recovery journey.


Let our Drug Detox Professionals help you.

Our staff at Lancer Recovery addiction recovery center will journey with you wholeheartedly as you struggle to end drug abuse. Our comprehensive addiction recovery program focuses on the many facets of human life: physical, mental, emotional, social, vocational, and spiritual. To our addiction recovery coaches, the people who seek our professional services are more than clients: we take you as brothers and sisters who deserve unlimited compassion and attention.


Wholesome Drug Rehab Facility

As an addiction treatment facility with many years of experience in drug detox techniques, we help you to fully recover from the addiction that makes you rely on drugs as an escape mechanism. Further, our courteous addiction recovery program professionals will teach you the skills you need to lead a normal life again including the means to cope with stress, self-care mental and psychological skills, and interpersonal, social communication techniques, which can form the basis of a joyful life.


Individual Therapy Addiction Treatment

For our clients to enjoy the maximum benefit of our addiction treatment center, we have one-on-one therapy sessions that allow you and a trained counselor to open up to each other fully. We offer advice on every aspect of your life, so you can begin to visualize your life free of addiction. Through group therapy, we provide the opportunity to socialize with peers and an extended support group. Our drug rehab center provides a safe, private, and comfortable counseling environment to allow our clients to speak honestly and confidently. And all of our clients are given an individualized treatment plan.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment Strategies

Our staff has experience with dual diagnosis mental health treatment methods. Dual diagnosis, which is used to treat comorbid disorders or co-occurring disorders, is a technique we use to assist the clients who are into drugs and also experience co-occurring mental health conditions.


Mental challenges can worsen or contribute to the misuse of drugs. A person who engages in binge drinking might imbibe alcohol to dull the symptoms of mental illness. Data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reveals that approximately half of those struggling with drug addiction are dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder at the same time.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Our team can use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help the clients with comorbid disorders understand the emotions that contribute to addiction.


Trustworthy Addiction Recovery Facility Staff


Our clients love our caring and nurturing staff. We have assisted thousands of people to overcome alcoholism and addiction. Equally appealing is our serene and beautiful drug detox clinic compound and accommodation houses. If you would like to get a second chance in life, come to Lancer Recovery, where we embrace the people struggling with chemical addiction.