Oxnard, CA

Anyone who is undergoing addiction recovery experiences a moment of clarity. Whether you are at that critical point of substance use disorder or you’re just getting entrenched in addiction, our addiction treatment facility provides you with a chance to turn your life around.

Supervised detox
Given the unpredictability of detoxification, the supervised treatment is the best option when beginning your journey to recovery at our substance abuse treatment facility. Severe issues such as difficulty in breathing, nausea, severe headache, and heart palpitation are examples of potential symptoms you won’t have to deal with alone. That said, supervised detox minimizes most of the symptoms while at the same time speeding up the release of toxins and drugs from your body.

The residential rehab for dual diagnosis clients
Dual diagnosis mental health treatment allows us to treat a co-occurring mental health disorder when it appears alongside addiction. Treating clients who have an addiction and a co-occurring condition can prove difficult, since it requires an integrated and intensive approach to therapy. However, our residential rehab facility provides a suitable environment for people who face unique challenges to help them in the recovery journey. Since our drug detox clinic removes any distracters or stressors, you can fully devote your time and attention to building a stronger sense of self-worth and learning new coping skills.

Safety and care of the rehab facilities
Our drug rehab center in Oxnard, California has a strict code of conduct governing the way we handle the needs of our clients, and this ensures that your loved ones get the right quality of service throughout the rehabilitation process. The quality of care at our Oxnard, California addiction recovery center is also regularly evaluated so that it achieves client’s expectation.

The rehabilitation process
That point that you decide to quit drug addiction and check into a rehab facility may be the scariest decision of your life. This happens if you just checked into a rehab and have no idea of what to expect.

When you first check into an addiction treatment center, you will need to go through an evaluation so that the experts can determine which substance abuse recovery program best suits you. You’ll also be asked about your mental health history. A mental health screening may also be done. Our Oxnard, California addiction recovery facility will keep all your information private. Although you might be tempted to lie about your drug addiction problem, it’s important that you open up to the experts for a successful recovery.

The detox process is where your body is cleansed of any harmful substance. Getting rid of the drugs in your system is a major step that must be taken before the rehabilitation process can begin. Our professionals use different programs, such as 24-hour supervision, intensive monitoring, and assisted detoxification to help you through the process.

Once the harmful substances are out of your body, the recovery can now begin. It’s also the time when co-occurring disorders can be evaluated and diagnosed. Some of the key aspects involved in the addiction recovery program include the cognitive behavioral therapy and group therapy. The combination of group and individual therapy is done to achieve optimal results.

The two most important components of the drug rehabilitation process are relapse prevention and aftercare. From the beginning of the recovery process, you will always be asked of your plans once you leave the rehab facility. This is important since it ensures that you have the best chance of complete recovery once you re-enter the world beyond our substance abuse treatment center. Additionally, identifying challenges to a successful rehab process is important since all the issues can be addressed while you are at our drug rehab facility in Oxnard, California.