How Lancer Recovery Center is Helping People Overcome Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is one of the greatest challenges many individuals will face during their lives. It is advisable that those who are struggling with addiction seek help from an addiction recovery center if you are battling addiction so that a solution can be achieved.


Detoxification is often the first step towards recovery. At Lancer Recovery drug rehab facility, we provide supervised detoxification that is undertaken in a safe and comfortable environment. Much misinformation about addiction has filled the internet, and some clients may be unsure whether or not detox will be necessary. However, it is important to know that our addiction recovery program will screen the client and determine if detox services are necessary.


Supervised detoxification plays a core role in our addiction recovery program. Lancer Recovery is a drug rehab center that ensures our clients receive the care they require. The services offered are conducted under the supervision of qualified addiction specialists who have the necessary skills and experience to aid the struggling clients.


At our Huntsville, Alabama substance abuse treatment facility, clients who require it are assured of receiving dual diagnosis treatment. Roughly half of the individuals who are battling addiction often suffer from co-occurring mental disorders, such as anxiety disorders, depression, or any number of other issues. Enrolling in an addiction recovery facility that offers dual diagnosis ensures that the client receives treatment for both addiction and mental illnesses, which is essential if a client is to achieve their recovery goals.


This treatment is important because individuals with a co-occurring mental illness have a higher probability of using alcohol and drugs to evade the psychological suffering. Further, substance use can increase the symptoms of mental illness or lead to the emergence of new symptoms. At our drug detox clinic, we ensure that both are addressed because failure to do so can present serious health issues due to the interaction between alcohol, drugs, and medication. More so, the efficiency of the treatment may be impaired when dual diagnosis is not utilized.


The safety of the clients in our addiction treatment center is top priority. Drug rehab centers are no exception for safety standards, especially since they deal with clients who are experiencing challenges. At Lancer Recovery, good health and safety for our clients is ensured by keeping the staircases well lit and installing handrails in the bathrooms. Furthermore, the lights are always turned on at night and moisture and debris is always cleaned from the floors.


Our addiction treatment facility aims to keep all our clients comfortable by incorporating suitable addiction recovery programs. For instance, fostering a community within the rehab enables the clients to come together and form a support group to help each other through the program. Our team of qualified staff members also ensures that the environment is conducive to conversation and the clients can speak freely. Being open about one’s addiction ensures that one gets the appropriate help.


A team of professionals is constantly monitoring our clients and giving them the required treatment such as the provision of a supervised detoxification. Treatment is also fully customized to meet each client’s specific treatment needs. This allows accurate diagnosis and an appropriate response to the symptomatic discomforts.


The rehabilitation process at our clinic is gradual and it involves a number of steps. First, there is assessment. This is like an interview whereby the specialists check you and admit you to you specific treatment program. Second is detoxification. Our facility offers supervised detoxification, which is the initial step towards cleansing your body from toxins, and the first towards recovery. The third step is rehabilitation. This entails professionals helping the clients towards future recovery. Come join us today!