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Dual Diagnosis
You’ll share your experiences with one another and benefit from each other’s wisdom.
Group Meetings
Some clients find the prospect of group therapy daunting to begin with, but rest assured, they soon find that it is one of their favorite aspects of the addiction recovery treatment program.
Relapse Prevention
In fact, in many cases, the peers you meet during group sessions end up forming the foundation of your sober support group after you’ve left our addiction recovery center.
Supervised Detox
Speaking of after you’ve left the addiction recovery center, every client who graduates from our addiction recovery center is given a comprehensive aftercare plan.
More About Us

This aftercare plan will provide you with a schedule of ongoing treatment once you’ve left our addiction recovery center.

Our philosophy

You may be wondering whether or not you’ll continue to have support once you’ve left our substance abuse treatment facility, but with our aftercare schedule of treatment, you won’t have to wonder, because you’ll see it printed there in black and white.

our mission

At our drug rehab center, we’re committed to helping as many clients as possible get the care they need. Learn more on by getting in touch with one of our addiction specialists today.

our vision

Addiction can be incredibly insidious. What begins as an innocent attempt to fit in or engage in some escapism leads to substance abuse, and from there, you’re heading headlong into addiction.

our values

When casual use gives way to compulsion, you need the tools that a substance abuse treatment center can provide in order to overcome your addiction and begin making your way toward recovery.